NOX is pleased to announce the signing of the player Agustín Tapia, who will be commited to the brand for the following five years.

He was born in Catamarca (Argentina) and, at only 18 years of age, has become a phenomenal player in his country. Despite being this young, his track record is amazing:
  • Number 1 in the professional Argentinian ranking in 2017.
  • Number 1 for 5 years in the categories below (under-12, under-14, under-16 and under-18 for two years).
  • Two-time Winner of the Under-18 Pan-American Open.
  • Three-time Winner of the Under-18 Pan-American Open.
  • World Champion under-18 in teams 2013.
  • World Runner-up under-18 in teams 2015 and 2017
His participation in the World Padel Tour this edition did not leave anyone indifferent. He reached the round of 32 in the Barcelona Master after passing the pre-previous and previous phases with infinite matches. He also played the round of 16 in the Cabrera de Mar Challenger and the final of the previous phase in the Gran Canaria Open.
Agustín Tapia is 1,79m tall, plays backhand and his playing style is aggressive and gracious at the same time, with impossible recoveries and a wide range of resources. Undoubtedly, he has a different vision as a player and always has an ace up his sleeve.Agustin is moving to Spain, where he will train under the guidelines of Pablo Crosetti, Director of the High Competition training Centre of the Granollers Indoor Padel Club.
Welcome to Team NOX Agustín. We wish you great success!
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