Racket NG17 Beach Tennis Limited Edition 2024

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Discover the new NG17 Beach Tennis LTD 2024 Pack, the must-have for the biggest fans of Nico Gianotti and the NOX brand. A unique pack for this new season of competition.

The pack consists of:

  • Beach Tennis Racket NG17 LTD 2024.

  • Two elegant blackNOX wristbands with the logo in silver color.

  • Two overgrips (black and white).

  • A replica keychain of the NG17 Beach Tennis LTD 2024 racket exclusively designed for the LTD pack.

Don't miss the crown jewel of our new collection of beach tennis racquets!

A racket up to the expectations of the world's number 1 beach tennis player, the Frenchman Nico Gianotti. Maximum maneuverability and power in every stroke, without leaving aside an outstanding control on the sand.

This limited edition shares the characteristics that have made its sister NG17 Luxury one of the reference paddles in this sport. We have incorporated 18K Aluminized Carbon in its faces to provide the right stiffness to make you feel like an elite player, aggressive in your game and safe in defense.

In the core we find the HR3 Black Eva Hard rubber, a high density rubber that facilitates control in the blocks.

The NG17 Beach Tennis LTD 2024 has an elegant cosmetic that will make you shine in every match. Just like the faithful ally that has led Nico to lead the world ranking, it has a hole pattern specifically designed to maintain an intermediate racket balance that makes it an easy to use racket for players of any level.


Weight 320 - 335 g
Profile 20 mm
Frame 100% carbon
Core HR3 Black Eva Hard
Face Carbon Alum 18K
Power 95/100
Control 95/100



Maximum stiffness and resistance while maintaining the lightness of the blade thanks to the finest interwoven aluminized carbon microfilaments.


The core has a denser rubber than the HR3, which increases the speed with which the core of the racket recovers its state before hitting the ball. This rubber achieves maximum power.


Our special thick silica sand helps to enhance the extra spin on your shots so you can place the ball in the desired spot on the court.


Carbon fiber applied to the frame provides increased rigidity and durability to the racquet.


By using a larger amount of frame material (up to four centimeters inside the racquet face) we minimize the difference in stiffness between the frame and the face. Thus, when hitting the ball with the outer areas of the racquet we minimize the possible cutting of fibers that could occur when the rubber sinks.


COLECCIÓN PALAS NOX 2024 (Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti, Aranzazu Osoro y las jóvenes promesas de la NFA, Tino Libaak y Leo Augsburger.)

Our players use the standard rackets

Join the authentic experience of Team NOX professionals by using our padel racket just as they are marketed. No adaptations or special customizations, we invite you to feel the same sensations on the court as Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti, Aranzazu Osoro, and the young promises of the NFA, Tino Libaak, and Leo Augsburger.

Discover the purity of the game with the padel racket trusted by the best players of Team NOX.

Raise your performance and experience padel along side the professionals!