NOX launches its own premium events and travel agency under the brand NOX PADEL TRAVEL

NOX, official sponsor of World Padel Tour, launches its own events and travel agency dedicated to the world of padel, NOX PADEL TRAVEL. The new company, of which NOX is the majority shareholder, will serve the increasing need of combining the world’s fastest growing sport with the best of the top tourist destinations in Europe. NOX PADEL TRAVEL will offer services of event organization, both at corporate and individual level, as well as fixed travel packages and customized travels.

NOX PADEL TRAVEL was born to offer memorable padel experiences to an audience that each time demands higher quality. Sports tourism was already an upward trend before the arrival of COVID-19. We are convinced that when we return to a somewhat level of normality this kind of tourism and events will once again have a high demand. Starting now with these first events allows us to be in a good position when the desired level of normality becomes a reality.” - declared Jesús Ballvé, General Manager of NOX.

Given the current situation with the pandemic, NOX PADEL TRAVEL will focus their first operations of event organization in the Nordic countries, where a high demand of quality events exists. This will allow guests to experience padel with World Padel Tour players and high-qualified padel coaches. When the latest government regulations allow travelling, the organization of padel travels will take on a bigger part of the business activities at NOX PADEL TRAVEL.

NOX PADEL TRAVEL will kick off its activities in Sweden with a first event on December 4th and 5th, where the fans will enjoy various activities on the courts together with the presence of Miguel Lamperti, an iconic NOX-player and the most beloved one by the fans.
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