NOX, the brand sponsoring the World Padel Tour, consolidates its leadership on social networks. Last October, the brand exceeded 100,000 followers on the social network Instagram, becoming the first padel tennis brand to achieve such a milestone. To celebrate, the brand will give away T-shirts signed by its franchise players to its fans: Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti and the Sánchez Alayeto twins.

"Reaching one or another number of followers has never been a goal of the brand itself.Obviously 100,000 followers on Instagram is a figure that makes us very proud but would be worthless if our followers did not interact with the brand. What is really important for the brand is that behind those 100,000 followers there are real fans who enjoy our players and who generate conversations. They let us know every day what we do well and what we don't do so well," said Alfonso Bastida, Marketing Director of NOX.

NOX, which has a legion of followers that exceeds 250,000 fans across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, has also announced its launch on TikTok. In the words of Bastida: "TikTok is a social network that we must explore. Contrary to popular belief, TikTok is not just a social network for teenagers. In Spain more than 60% of the users are over 25 years old. We are going to take the first steps on this platform to get to know better those padel fans who enjoy TikTok as a source of entertainment and fun".

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