NOX designs 2 new rackets for pearl of Argentine padel, Agustín Tapia

AT10. Under this name NOX has added two rackets to its new collection, specifically designed for Agustín Tapia, who has been tipped by experts as a candidate to lead world padel in the future. Both rackets are based on the legendary ML10 Pro Cup which the company designed for Miguel Lamperti and which quickly became a top seller that continues year after year.

The AT10 Gold, which uses the same materials as the ML10 Pro Cup, has the AVS anti-vibration system built into the structure of the racket and a new mould specifically designed to obtain control of a round racket while maintaining a high level of balance in order to facilitate attacking play.

AT10 Gold

In turn, the AT10 Pro Cup Carbon has the same mould and rubber as the ML10 Pro Cup but differs from the latter in terms of the material chosen for the faces: 18K carbon fibre. This material offers a drier feel, ideal for advanced players seeking greater rigidity in their shots.

AT10 Pro Cup Carbon

Currently, Agustín Tapia is in the latter stages of recovering from the injury he suffered in July when taking part in the WPT Cabrera Challenger. Although everything initially suggested the player would miss the rest of the year, he is expected to appear at the last tournaments wielding the new “weapons” that NOX has provided for him and all the fans.

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