NOX, first Padel brand to certify the quality of its rackets with Testea Padel

Barcelona, September 21 st, 2021

The new NOX 2021-22 padel racket collection is coming with many new features but, certainly, there is one that will be of special significance for consumers: NOX will be certifying the quality of its padel rackets with Testea Padel oficial seal, an independent reference laboratory affiliated to Universitat Politècnica de València.

In order to obtain the Testea Padel seal, padel rackets are subjected to very demanding breakage tests, both on the frame and faces, as well as durability tests. All of them carried out in a testing laboratory specifically designed for the purpose.


"Testea's quality certificate consists of a series of laboratory tests designed based upon three objectives: firstly to ensure that all units of the same model behave in a similar way; secondly to verify the correct resistance to fatigue assuring that the racket does not rapidly lose performance with usage and, finally, to check the correct breakage resistance of both the frame and the face of the racket" explains Jordi Piedra, CEO and Co-Founder of Testea Padel.


Proceso de fatiga acelarada de las caras de la pala de pádel

Accelerated fatigue process of the racket faces


Test de rotura de marco de una pala de pádel
Frame breakage test


" In the current market there are more than 200 padel brands, which means thousands of different padel racket models. Unfortunately many of them do not comply the minimum quality standards demanded by consumers. With the Testea Padel seal, the buyer will have the guarantee and reassurance that the new NOX racket collection has been laboratory tested and has passed a series of highly demanding tests", according to Alfonso Bastida, NOX Marketing Director. 

Therefore, NOX becomes the first padel brand to certify the quality of its rackets through an independent and external entity, as it is Testea Padel.

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