In the world of padel, there are very few bonds as solid as the one between the Argentinian from Bahía Blanca, Miguel Lamperti, and NOX. For this reason, the brand was pleased to extend its contract with their most charismatic player until the end of 2020.

Jesús Ballvé, NOX’s CEO, stated: ‘Miguel still had a year left in his contract, but we have decided to extend it for two further years, until the end of 2020, according to the player’s explicit wish. I think it would be hard for us to see Miguel playing with a padel racket other than one from NOX. That is why his renewal was clear to us.’
Throughout these years, Lamperti has stood up for the brand both on and off the padel court. Thanks to his experience and involvement, we have developed new rackets and products that have made NOX what it is nowadays: a benchmark brand. ‘We are convinced that, when the time comes, Miguel will remain linked to the company. We hope this happens as late as possible, for our own sake and for the sake of professional padel’, emphasises Jesús Ballvé.
Likewise, Miguel Laperti has expressed his gratitude for the trust NOX has placed in him, showing his desire to continue competing and standing up for this brand that has seen him grow up to be a professional player. ‘To me there are two words that sum up this renewal: pride and joy. I have always said I feel at home here, they have always treated me like family. I am very proud to continue working together with them during the following years. When the contract ends, I will have been playing in NOX for 10 years. I will give it my all until I decide to stop playing.’
Miguel, we wish you the best for these good years to come. Make yourself at home.
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