The Nox Equation World Padel Tour racket has been denominated the best racket for intermediate players according to Testfakta.

The prestigious Swedish firm, specialized in independent product quality and performance evaluations, awards the highest score in its comparison

The best test result

In their analysis, Testfakta highlights several aspects of the Nox Equation World Padel Tour that directly affect the players game, such as its comfort and ease of ball control. And all this while maintaining a "relatively high hitting power".

In terms of product quality, the Nox Equation World Padel Tour is shown as a racket with excellent frame strength and which also maintains its performance despite the exhaustive durability and fatigue tests carried out.

Therefore, the independent Swedish firm rates it with an average score of 8.40, the highest rating among the rackets analyzed, overcoming models with a significantly higher price.



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