ML10 Pro Cup LTD 2023, Official Racket of World Padel Tour La Rioja Open

It is a source of pride to inform you that NOX will be the Official Racket of the next WPT La Rioja Open 2023. The tournament, which opens the South American World Padel Tour, is an historic milestone for different reasons. Firstly, because for the first time in the World Padel Tour era the competition will also have a women’s category in Argentina. And secondly, because the tournament in La Rioja joins the one that will take place in Buenos Aires during the month of November, thus increasing the presence of the main professional circuit in Argentina.

Such an historic milestone needed an equally historic Official Racket. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that the selected racket is the ML10Pro Cup LTD 2023, the limited edition of the most iconic NOX racket: the ML10 Pro Cup.

The ML10 Pro Cup LTD 2023 was created as a celebration of the ML10 Pro Cup which, for so many years, has accompanied the most charismatic player: Miguel Lamperti. Presented in a spectacular pack that will delight the most ardent fans of the brand and the"grey-haired one" from Bahía Blanca, the ML10 Pro Cup LTD 2023 incorporates the 18K carbon fibre on the faces which, along with the classic HR3 rubber by NOX, gives a comfortable feel and great strength.

The ML10 Pro Cup LTD 2023 is also an historic racket as, alongside the AT.2 Genius LTD 2023 it is the first racket to be created in both the physical world and the metaverse. NFTs of the racket are available for purchase on the Web3 that NOX developed specifically for the project. Being the owner of the “virtual” racket has very tangible benefits in the physical world, such as a €180 discount on the physical racket or a 10% discount on purchases made on

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