What is a muscle activity analysis and what is it for?

The analysis is used to evaluate the muscular activity and the show the exhaustion in the legs of a paddle player by the use of a specific shoe.

In addition to affecting the athlete's perception of comfort, muscle fatigue also affects the athlete's performance and may pose certain risks as exhaustion reduces the muscles' ability to generate power and impairs their coordination.

To analyze muscle activity, we performed tests in real environments where the athlete's various sports-related movements were monitored.

Regarding the evaluation of the Nox shoes, an inertial system has been used to capture and evaluate movement, as well as electromyography (EMG) to identify the muscles that are activated in each step of the movement.

The evaluated Nox shoe provides an appropriate activation to the athlete's muscles in the examined gestures. What is mainly examined: Split step, pivot turn and forward sprint.

The AT Lux model stands out particularly. With this model the incidence of muscle fatigue is significantly reduced.

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