Why should you play with 4 padel balls out on the court?

Did you know that since the 2018 season of the World Padel Tour got underway, 4 balls have been used in all the matches on central court? Below we explain the reasons why you should do the same:

  • The balls last for longer. Simply having more balls on the court reduces the number of impacts and therefore the wear that each ball suffers individually is reduced.
  • During the warm-up each pairing has 2 balls. Once again, this has an impact on the wear of the balls as when playing with 3 balls there is always 1 ball that suffers more wear during the warm-up.

In the case of amateur padel it is also necessary to take the following factors into account:

  • When playing outdoors it is common to lose balls when they go off the court. It is very common to end up playing with 2 padel balls, which also receive all the wear. In this situation the bounce quickly becomes useless. This is prevented with a container of 4 balls. If one is lost, you still have 3 more balls.
  • The price per ball in the containers of 4 balls by NOX is lower than with the container of 3. If you need a lot of balls, as is the case in padel schools, with coaches, etc....it is more cost-effective.

We wish to remind you that NOX is the only brand that sells padel balls in the format of containers of 4 balls. Also, until 30 September 2018 (inclusive) the container of 4 balls costs the same as the container of 3.

Try playing with 4 balls. You will never change back.


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