How to do the off the wall smash in padel

The off the wall smash is one of the most spectacular strokes in padel, an offensive stroke from the bottom of the court. Keep in mind that the off the wall smash is a medium-advanced level shot, you have to practice and as you get more confident you will be able to pack more speed into the ball with this shot. We will now reveal the key tactics and techniques of this great shot, and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto, Miguel Lamperti and Agustín Tapia will show you how to do it in a slow-motion video.

Tactical factors:

1º When can you do a off the wall smash?

When the opponent hits a shot where the ball comes out high, from the height of the waist, and separates from the back wall, after bouncing on it, this is the ideal moment for a drop shot, but the higher the better.

2º What is the objective of the off the wall smash?

Your rivals will probably go up in the net after launching the ball. With this shot you have two options: either try to beat your opponents and have them back up to try to return the ball or have them block it and not be able to hit comfortably to regain the initiative on the spot.

3º Where should you direct the off the wall smash?

You have 3 options:

  1. The safest is to look for the centre of the court, between your rivals.
  2. Another option is to direct it to an opponent's body to make it more difficult to volley.
  3. Finally, you have the option to look for a gap, this is the option that requires more skill.

Your partner will have to indicate where your opponents are so that you can decide: if they are close to the net, it is better to aggressively lower the ball to the body or to hit them looking for a position (a lob is also a good option) but if they are at the bottom of the court, there is no need to risk so much.

Technical factors:

1º How do you position yourself to do a off the wall smash?

Once your opponent hits the ball, you must go as quickly as possible to the bottom of the court and see where the ball will come out. This will give you time to position yourself correctly and hit at the right moment. Stand facing the side wall with your legs apart for good support and put your arms together as if for a high volley, over your shoulders.

Important: when you start the movement, place your weight on the leg on the side where the padel racket is and then go forward, it is important not to get stuck.

2º When should you hit the ball in a off the wall smash?

First, let the ball separate from the wall. From here on, the most important aspect is to be able to direct the shot and use the desired power to keep the ball in front of you. Your body must be between the ball and the wall. You should also try to hit it as high as possible to get the best angle.

3º Power

Adapt the power with which you hit the ball according to your mastery of this shot and whether you are in a comfortable position to perform it.

By following these instructions and, above all, by watching how our TeamNox crack shots do it, you will improve your level and have even more fun playing padel. Now all you have to do is practice and enjoy.

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