Team Nox Pro

We are proud to showcase the best Team Nox Junior in the world, and we are not only talking about results in the court, but about what we represent, and how we represent it outside the court.

More than the result of the game, NOX values good academic training, respecting one's opponent, and having positive human qualities. These days, the best thing is playing to have fun. And this is very clear to all of us at NOX.

At the NOX Jr Team, headed by Pablo Crosetti, we have the best players at the national level. We are world champions in teams, doubles, and number one in each category and region, along with having some players who are already taking their first steps on the professional circuit.

Pablo Crosetti, Nox Junior Team Coordinator 

Team Nox Jr. has a present and, above all, a great future.

Maxime Deloyer (Belgium)


Marcel Font (Spain)

Isaac Huysveld (Belgium)

Roberto Lorente (Spain)

Nacho Moragues (Spain)

Tia Norton (United Kingdom)

José Manuel Ortiz (Spain)

Giulia Perusso (Brazil)


Milena Rojas (Spain)

Mireia Salvador (Spain)

Daniel Santigosa (Spain)

Víctor Tur (Spain)

Ramiro Valenzuela (Argentina)


Leevi Ikavälko (Finland) 


Meet our Team NOX Pro

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