Agustín Tapia

One and a half years ago, few knew this young man from Catamarca. Now everyone knows who Agustín Tapia is. He is one of those magical players, called upon to define an era, to mark a watershed moment in the world of paddle tennis.

He left everything behind in his native land to achieve his dream: becoming a professional paddle tennis player. Together with NOX, they now share a dream: reaching the top.

His game is breathtaking; he never gives up on a ball. Incredible points, impossible shorts, balls that nobody in their right mind would think can be returned: this is Agustín Tapia, the Wizard of Catamarca.

Personal Information

Place of birth Catamarca (Argentina)
Date of birth July 24 1999
Height 1,79 m
Game position Backhand
Dominant hand Right 
Currently partner Sanyo Gutierrez


Racket AT10 Luxury Genius
Bag AT10 Competition



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