NOX, double award winner at the Testea Padel Racket Awards 2023.

The awards, presented last Thursday, July 6 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, have awarded the best rackets of 2023 after extensive scientific analysis and testing in the laboratories of Testea Padel.

ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2023. Best Hybrid Racket with predominance in control.

NOX ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2023. BEST Testea Padel Racket Awards 2023

Solid, manageable, with an extraordinary sweet spot and a true icon of our sport. The "Pro Cup" is probably the longest-lived and best-selling racket in history and the award given to the ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2023 only confirms what thousands of players experience on the court match after match. Miguel Lamperti, who received the award at the NOX stand at the WPT Valencia Open shared his satisfaction for the award:"Honestly, from the first day when we developed this racket with NOX I found it an extraordinary racket, very easy to use and that provides speed to the ball. It's a very well-deserved award and I'm also very happy because it's my racket (laughs)."

X-One EVO Red. Best Initiation Racket.

NOX X-One EVO Red. BEST Testea Padel Racket Awards 2023

Highlighting its comfortable feel, ball exit and large sweet spot, the X-One EVO Red took the top prize in the category of Initiation Racket. "The X-One EVO is an extraordinary racquet at a very affordable price. Having this type of product is essential in a sport where new players are starting out every day in every corner of the world. Their first experience with a racquet is a determining factor in the future relationship they will have with the brand," said Alfonso Bastida, NOX Marketing Director.

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