Rackets for women: an entire range of rackets for all levels

We often receive enquiries from female players asking about the differences in rackets with a more feminine style or “rackets for women”, and they ask for advice in order to choose the most suitable racket for their playing level.  

The so-called “rackets for women” are different from the rest in terms of just two aspects: their appearance and the range of weights. Aside from appearance, women´s rackets have a reduced weight range in order to aid handling of the racket and to adapt to the strength of female players.

At NOX we have an entire range of padel rackets specifically devised and designed for female players. We offer rackets for all playing levels, and we have analysed them below:

NOX Silhouette 6: The first racket


It is the ideal racket for getting started at this fantastic sport. With a round shape and slightly oversized (larger hitting surface) it has a large sweet spot that will make it easier to fully control your shots. Also, its price means that it is a great option for taking your first shots without spending a lot of money.


Playing level: Beginners

Moving up a level: NOX Equation Lady World Padel Tour Edition 2021

For female players who have been playing for a while and who want to take another step forward we have the Equation Lady. Also with a round mould and fibre glass faces, its frame is comprised of 50% carbon fibre, which provides the racket with greater durability and hitting consistency. Also, this racket incorporates some of the technologies of more upmarket rackets such as anti-vibrators on the sides to improve hitting comfort, HR3 rubber and a roughness on the faces to add greater effect to shots. A racket with a spectacular price-quality ratio.


Playing level: Intermediate

A classic that never fails: ML10 Pro Cup Silver

The ML10 Pro Cup Silver is the women´s version of the legendary ML10 Pro Cup, designed by Miguel Lamperti. We are talking about a racket with a 100% carbon frame and metallic fibre glass faces, which is more rigid than conventional fibre glass. 


Playing level: Intermediate and advanced.

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