Louie Harris, reinforcement for Team NOX in the U.K.

Louie Harris, current number 3 in the UK ranking (LTA) joins Team NOX. The player - born in Cardiff (Wales) and resident in Marbella - is, with only 20 years old, a regular in the national team call-ups.

Louie is a backhand player who defines himself by displaying an aggressive and fast style of play, which gets its maximum performance near the net.

"From the first contact everything was very easy with NOX. It is a brand that I have been following for years and which it is an honor to be able to represent from now on. I am also looking forward to my stay at the NOX Future Academy (NFA) and to live with the fantastic group of players that reside there and work with the team of professionals that NOX has put at the service of the players." - Said the player.

Louie Harris junto a Alfonso Bastida, durante la firma de su contrato con NOX

"Louie meets all the requirements to be a fantastic NOX ambassador: youth, talent and a very special charisma. We can safely say that together with Tia Norton (number 1 in the women's LTA ranking) the brand is extraordinarily represented in the UK, a market that will be fundamental in the coming years due to its growth potential". - commented Alfonso Bastida, NOX Marketing Director.

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