Doing paddle during vacation

During these dates, when many of us are enjoying a few days of holiday to disconnect, rest and recharge the batteries, there is the temptation to fall into an excessively sedentary routine: copious meals, more beers than usual etc. In this post we’ll tell you the secret of how not to give in to the temptation: playing paddle tennis will make your vacation more fun and healthy.

Doing sports has endless proven benefits, especially in the case of paddle tennis. Here we explain the benefits relating to both your physical and emotional states:

Physical benefits:

1. Paddle tennis is good for any age, as long as we respect our physical ability. Check out any club or track and you will see that there is no age limit or gender requirements and the players themselves are always the ones who adapt the demands of the game to their physical and technical capacity.

2. Paddle tennis is an aerobic sport, this helps prevent cardiovascular problems and keep you fit.

3. It tones the whole body as you use both the lower and upper body.

4. It maintains and improves both your reflexes and your coordination.

5. It helps you to lose weight and burn the fats we eat too much of during vacation time.

Emotional benefits:

6. It eliminates stress: after months of work, family routines and tight schedules, when you play paddle you think of nothing else but the game, your partner and your rivals.

7. Enjoy family time. As we have already mentioned, paddle tennis does not depend on age or sex, which means it is the ideal sport to do with both your partner and children. During the rest of the year it is more difficult to square the schedules to play a mixed game or get the young people of the house together, so take full advantage of the holidays to enjoy this wonderful sport with the whole family.

8. Improve your social relationships. If you play with friends you know well you will have a great time and if you do it with players you do not know yet, it will allow you get to know people with whom you share this hobby and who what else.

9. Simply have fun. One of the factors that has contributed to the rise of paddle tennis in recent years is that one has fun from the minute the ball starts flying, provided that your playmates are of a similar level. Both beginners and experts in this sport enjoy each point.

Now that you know the benefits of playing paddle tennis on vacation, it is up to you to decide whether to seek out your moments to have fun, keep fit and disconnect your mind between the vacation binges, sun loungers, terraces and naps. We can help you by offering the best equipment for playing paddle, and you can be sure that from among our range of paddles, from the Casual Series to the official WPT paddle, you will find the one that suits your game and level.

Happy Holidays!

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