What you need to know about the padel racket overgrip

Well, now that you already have your perfect NOX racket, it's very important to add an overgrip so you have a good grip and ensure your game is at its best. Here are several aspects that you should take into account:

1. The difference between a grip and an overgrip.

The main difference is that the grip is the adhesive tape which sticks to the racket shaft. The overgrip goes over the grip to improve the original grip of the racket and is something you can change easily.

2. The importance of having an overgrip in good condition.

The overgrip sits between our hand and the racket, giving us the touch, and the grip on the racket shaft. If it's not kept in optimal conditions, it will greatly reduce the quality of our game, increasing errors, and even the risk of injury.

3. How many overgrips do you need to add.

This is determined by the size of your hands, but the important thing is to feel comfortable. We recommend that you add as many overgrips as you need until you find the best fit for you.

4. How often do you have to change an overgrip?

There is no set rule determines how many matches you need to play before you change the overgrip. It depends on several factors, such as the type of player, the time of year, how mucis h you sweat and the quality of the overgrip itself . As a guide, we can say that a grip starts to lose its properties after 3 or 4 games.

5. How to improve and prolong the life of your overgrip

One of Miguel Lamperti's best secrets, is now available. With the Gorilla Gold by Nox (link) grip wipes, you can control the grip level of your overgrip simply by gently pressing it against the shaft. A revolution in padel.

6. Overgrip quality

As is the case in many aspects of life, using good quality material guarantees a good result. There are overgrips of all prices and qualities. We offer you professional quality overgrips with the best grip and elasticity, guaranteeing maximum comfort. (LINK overgrip Nox)

Now you're ready with your racket in top condition to leap onto the court!

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