How to improve your padel level

One of the secrets to padel tennis' success is that it's possible to play a game and have fun even as a beginner, provided that all 4 players are at the same level. At the beginning, you'll see exponential improvement in your padel skills, which makes the sport that much more addictive. And, if you take a few padel lessons right from the start, you'll avoid acquiring bad habits, which could be difficult to eliminate later on.

Nevertheless, there always comes a time&mdashusually when you're at an intermediate level&mdashthat you plateau and stop progressing. You keep playing regularly but you're no longer seeing signs of improvement. This is the time when you should seriously consider finding a coach to guide you and correct your form.

In any case, we have a few tips for you that might help:

  • Physical fitness: It may seem obvious, but the better your physical fitness, the easier it is to move around the court, correctly position yourself to hit the ball, get to the net quicker to volley, and return even the most difficult balls.
  • Patience: Don't try to finish the point straightaway, keep your shots steady until you find the right moment, and then move against your opponent. Many people say that he (or she) who makes the least mistakes wins, and it's true. Making a spectacular point may boost your morale, but if it's followed by 3 balls to the wall then what's the use?
  • Change opponents: It's pretty common to meet up with the same people to play every week. Try looking for other fellow players or sign up for tournaments to learn about different styles of padel. If nothing else, you'll feel the adrenaline of competition.
  • Check your serve: Don't try to hit the ball too hard to win a point from your serve. Use an arcing serve to hit the side wall, without too much power, preventing the ball from rising too high and giving you time to get to the net. Study your opponent and send the ball to places where they have the most trouble returning it.
  • Beware of the smash: We all like to do it, but it's a double-edged sword. When you're near the net, you can use it to great effect to return a short shot from your opponent. But watch out: if you don't place your shot well, you could end up leaving your opponent a ball that's very easy to return. Practise the tray shot as a great alternative for when the ball comes in high and you're not in a comfortable position to do the smash.
  • Be aware of court positioning: As well as being aware of your opponent's shot, you also need to keep the correct positioning in mind. If you're defending, you need to be behind the service line; if you're attacking, you want to be near the net.
  • Search for more information on how to improve: There's loads of information and advice on the internet, like our YouTube channel (
  • Take care when choosing your padel racket: It's imperative that, as you improve your technique and gain in confidence, your racket improves with you. At Nox, we make it easy for you. We have ranges starting from the Casual Series for beginners, right up to the Pro, Luxury, and WPT Series, all designed so that you can find your ideal padel racket, according to your level and playing style.

We hope this was helpful! The most important thing is that your passion for the sport never stops growing :). Game on!

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