Nox Padel Shoes ML10 HEXA White/Aquarius

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The new Nox ML10 HEXA Aquarius 2022 Padel Shoes are the right eye of Miguel Lamperti.

Along with their sisters, the AT10 PRO and AT10 LUX, they are the first padel shoes specifically designed for your health, clinically endorsed and laboratory certified.

All Nox padel shoes have been designed and manufactured with the aim of minimizing the risk of injury and optimizing the performance of the padel player.

Clinically endorsed by Marta Rueda, podiatrist at the Centro de Estudios del Pie Martín Rueda, advisor to the Centro de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo de Sant Cugat (Spain) and hundreds of elite athletes.

Nox paddle shoes are laboratory tested at and certified by the Footwear Technology Center INESCOP, in Alicante, Spain.


The technology AGG (Advanced Gravity Geometry) provides a greater "drop" (heel height with respect to the toe), facilitating the player's waiting position and running starts. Reduces calf overload and MINIMIZES THE RISK OF MUSCLE INJURY.

Greater STABILITY thanks to LATERALSUPPORT technology, which provides greater contact surface of the sole with the ground and minimizes the risk of sprains in lateral displacements.

Outsole of OPTIONALGRIP that combines a herringbone pattern with small studs.

Maximum AMORTIGUATION and energy return thanks to the Strobel assembly of the popcorn-type EVA rubber sole and the low-density injected phylon midsole. Internal lateral reinforcement (AbraXone) for increased abrasion resistance and stability.

Ortholite insole for maximum COMFORT in the game. Excellent cushioning to reduce the feeling of fatigue. In addition, its anti-microbial action prevents the accumulation of bacteria and odor. Provides optimum performance without adding weight to the shoe.


COLECCIÓN PALAS NOX 2024 (Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti, Aranzazu Osoro y las jóvenes promesas de la NFA, Tino Libaak y Leo Augsburger.)

Our players use the standard rackets

Join the authentic experience of Team NOX professionals by using our padel racket just as they are marketed. No adaptations or special customizations, we invite you to feel the same sensations on the court as Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti, Aranzazu Osoro, and the young promises of the NFA, Tino Libaak, and Leo Augsburger.

Discover the purity of the game with the padel racket trusted by the best players of Team NOX.

Raise your performance and experience padel along side the professionals!