LA10 Future 2024. Leo Augsburger's shovel

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If anything defines Leo Augsburger 's style of play, it is aggressiveness. Leo does not speculate, he goes all out and if the ball flies one centimeter higher than it should, you're dead. If you identify with this direct, fast and powerful style of play then you will find the LA10 Future your ideal racquet. A diamond shaped racket, HR3 rubber and powered by 12K Aluminized Carbon Fiber.


COLECCIÓN PALAS NOX 2024 (Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti, Aranzazu Osoro y las jóvenes promesas de la NFA, Tino Libaak y Leo Augsburger.)

Our players use the standard rackets

Join the authentic experience of Team NOX professionals by using our padel racket just as they are marketed. No adaptations or special customizations, we invite you to feel the same sensations on the court as Agustín Tapia, Miguel Lamperti, Aranzazu Osoro, and the young promises of the NFA, Tino Libaak, and Leo Augsburger.

Discover the purity of the game with the padel racket trusted by the best players of Team NOX.

Raise your performance and experience padel along side the professionals!